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Resource Centres : Career Counselling Cell

Career counseling cell has been established in the Academic session 2010-11 and then reconstituted in Academic Session 2015-16 with the following objectives. 

1. To prepare students to meet the career challenges after graduation and post    graduation.

2.  To provide guidance to the students on various options available in the courses of their study.

3. To function as a resource centre of information, guidance and counseling for students about the career opportunities.

4. To provide job opportunities to students in collaboration with employment agencies.

5. To help the students in developing their personality and soft skills related to their future career.

The Career Counseling Cell (CCC) arranges training programme on soft skill development and provide career counseling. The cell organises workshops and seminars on personality development, Interpersonal relationship, communication skills and presentation skills to enable all round development of individuals. It provides information on professional development courses and higher studies available in India and Abroad. The cell also conducts training programmes on behavioral skills and stress management ultimately helping the students to discover their strengths, sharpening their interests and planning their future.


Coordinator-                                                                                                Co-Coordinator-

Dr. Sunil Kumar Joshi,                                                                                   Lt. J. K. Vishwakarma

Asst. Prof., B.Ed. Dept.                                                                                Asst. Prof., Pol. Science Dept.


1. Dr. R K Yadav                              2. Dr. Neeraj Kumar                                   3. Mrs. Reshu Sharma

Asst. Prof., Sanskrit Dept.                Asst. Prof., Zoology Dept.                      Asst. Prof., Education Dept.



Academic –Session  2015-16

1. Career and Counseling Cell of Vardhaman College, Bijnor organized a Guest lecture on the topic ‘Career in Physics’ on 07-Dec-2015. The Key speaker on this occasion was Mr. T N Soorya, Asst. Prof. and Head, Physics Department. In his speech, he not only informed about various academic and job opportunities in the field of physics but also shared tips and strategies to crack the entrance/screening/competitive exams related with them. The students showed great interest and enthusiasm.

2. Another Guest Lecture on the topic “Career In Law’ has been organized on 15th of December 2015. The Key speaker was Dr. Rajiv Chaudhary, Principal, Vivek College of Law, Bijnor. He delivered a thorough lecture about various courses related to Law and the jobs and professions related to Law. Other resource persons were Dr. S M Hasan, Associate Professor, Vivek college of Law, Bijnor and Mr. Amit Bhatt, recently appointed judge in Uttrakhand Judicial services. Dr. Hasan deliberated about Law, Legal studies and their importance. Mr. Amit Bhatt motivated students towards the field of Law and shared strategies and tips to crack exams to enter into the field of Legal studies and judiciary.